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Future Technologies That Are Happening Now

Our future is filled with great prospects that can provide a new shape to our civilization. However, technologies that we only thought about only a few years ago are now coming to reality and they have started changing the world around us. Check out these amazing future technologies that are happening now. Self-driving cars Self-driving […]

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Internet OF Things in 2018- How the IoT Space Will Change And Develop

IoT is not a new concept but it is going through several new changes that will eventually lead to a world dominated by the IoT ideology. Let us know what 2018 has in store for IoT and its implementation. New voice-based services It is highly likely that more companies come up with their own voice-based […]

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New Tech Trends In 2018 That You Can’t Miss Out

Don’t we all love technology? Whether it is a smartphone or a smartwatch, we love the nuances that tech brings into our world. Today, it’s time to predict some of the more reasonable technologies and their implication in 2018. AI becomes more universal We already have top class AI technology at our disposal that can […]

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Alexa Stands for Change and It Is Coming to Your Homes

Alexa is being touted as the smartest personal assistant available on the market. Everyone who has used Alexa knows that she is smart, capable and even humorous. Amazon’s jump into this market has changed the game completely, even forcing Apple to come with a home pod with Siri as the assistant. It has even been […]

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Top Websites to Kill Time When You Are Bored to Death

All of us go through a phase in everyday life where we just don’t know what to do. We just surf on the internet aimlessly, hoping to see something that hooks us onto the website. Are you guilty of this crime too? Let’s make our life ‘happening’ again. It’s time that we reveal the secrets […]

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