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Smart Home Predictions For 2018 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Smart homes are now a reality and they are getting better each day. Here, we are listing some of the possible enhancements smart homes will go through in 2018. Privacy crises It is a matter of time when we start seeing privacy concerns for people living in a smart home. People residing in a smart […]

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Things You Need to Know About the Deep Web

The dark web is a place full of the unknown and the unpredictable. If you are looking forward to enter the secret world make yourself aware of the following facts. They will definitely be of help. It’s huge Although many people do not access the secret web resource, yet it has abundant information that dwarfs […]

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Most Popular YouTube Videos In 2018 That You Need to Watch Now

YouTube has always been a host of viral videos and this year is no different. Check out the most popular videos for the year 2018 till now. Learn your bucket colours – 95 million views It’s a viral video that teaches colours and is gaining more views than anybody ever imagined. The video involves some […]

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The Future of Blockchain Technology as We See It in March 2018

The world is gradually accepting blockchain technology and we are positive about its effect on our industries and daily life. Here are some possibilities for the future of blockchain as we see in March 2018. Eliminating third parties Blockchain technology has the capability to initiate trust in transactions which eliminates the requirement of a credible […]

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Future Technologies That Are Happening Now

Our future is filled with great prospects that can provide a new shape to our civilization. However, technologies that we only thought about only a few years ago are now coming to reality and they have started changing the world around us. Check out these amazing future technologies that are happening now. Self-driving cars Self-driving […]

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Internet OF Things in 2018- How the IoT Space Will Change And Develop

IoT is not a new concept but it is going through several new changes that will eventually lead to a world dominated by the IoT ideology. Let us know what 2018 has in store for IoT and its implementation. New voice-based services It is highly likely that more companies come up with their own voice-based […]

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