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Hello & welcome to Nothing but the Web.
As you may have guessed, we love all things web and technology related. From the latest news on products, services and software updates to trending viral videos and product reviews, we’ve got it covered!
My name is Jacob Johnson and I’m a 26-year-old developer from the UK. I have always loved anything to do with technology and even studied IT at school, college and university.
You may say I’m your typical nerd, I will queue hours for the latest iPhone release, sit up coding until 3am and go to conventions with my friends.
I am from Bristol in the United Kingdom and started Nothing but the Web during my time at college as part of an IT project. From there, Nothing but the Web evolved very slowly and I hardly ever updated it after the project ended however once I reached university, I found it was a good way to harvest all of the technology news in one place. Myself and a few of my fellow students began to contribute regularly and the blog became a great outlet for other like-minded technology buffs.
You may be wondering why I chose the name Nothing but the Web, well to tell you the truth I can’t really remember as it was that long ago. Although I assume that I was pretty obsessed with the world wide web when I was in college and in a task to ‘create a blog about something you’re passionate about’ the web came out on top.
Since it’s college days, Nothing but the Web has evolved not only content wise but also style wise. I conducted a site-wide redesign just last year which brought Nothing but the Web into modern times and is when I really started to focus on updating the site as much as I could.
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