About us

Technology has been my only passion in life. I have dreamt and worked hard to become more aware of everything the world of technology stands for. Since my childhood, everything that was even loosely related with technology gained my attention. Thus, my only goal is to become aware of every leap technology takes and teach more people about the importance of this industry.  

Moreover, I am also interested in communicating with people who have similar interest. Every discussion I go through makes me more educated and also informs me about the perspective of another technology enthusiast.

To begin with, my parents advised me to take a formal education to establish my know-how in computer science. It was then I realized that computer, internet and everything in between charmed me the most. Thus reading and understating about them never seemed boring and I excelled in my studies.

I was also able to meet the best teacher of my life who not only introduced me to the world of technology but also prepared the ground for doing something big. His teachings infused within me the zeal and enthusiasm to learn more about technology and take control of my life.

After completing my education, I enrolled in various courses to get my hands on every information I could find. During those days I came across many people who are still in touch just because of our love towards applied science.

It was clear that my life would be dedicated to technology plus I was also interested in developing my gaming community. I have been a massive fan of video games for a long time. My friends exposed me to the gaming world which has become a priority now.

Coming back to the main agenda, I started working in a cybersecurity company. For the next three years, I learned a lot about how cybersecurity works. Some of my colleagues were also trying to build a separate company, but that idea never worked out as we would have wished.

But it also gave me the vision of doing something different. In my quest to discover my life goal I met a lot of people who were working in the technology industry without having a clue of anything they were doing. Majority of the employees were working for the sake of earning money without having any passion for the industry.

Thus, I realized the importance of proper education as it is the only tool to create individuals who are interested in taking technology to a whole new level. I started to give tuition to young individuals who did not have the money to take extra courses for understanding the subject.

Initially, I educated ten students from my locality. Not all of them were exceptionally talented, but their hard work and persistence made me work even harder. After providing classes for a year, I realized that there are millions of people who can benefit from my course.

Eventually, I decided to develop a website that will take care of every aspect of technology people need to know about. Although it seemed comfortable creating a site, it was one of the hardest things I ever did.  At times, it was so overwhelming that I thought of quitting altogether.

But, my aim of educating people about technology backed me every time. Over time I got comfortable and developing content for the website became easier. It took me few months to build the first draft of articles for the site.

In the beginning, the traffic was quite low, and people did not care about another website talking about games and technology. I booted my SEO work which resulted in something special. As people started reading my write-ups, they started visiting the site regularly and the engagement drastically improved.

As of now, the website is a popular technology portal, and people praise us for uploading regular and authentic content. We have come a long way, and I am more than happy to communicate with my readers. I now know what they expect from me and what their actual needs are.

Hence, owning a website technology can be a lot of pain, but the satisfaction of educating needy people is something I will cherish about.

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