What is Cybersecurity?

Due to a serious flaw in the way how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) protected its networks, it was found that a large number of civilian deaths could have been prevented if certain improvements had been made. The flaw, which affects many government systems including those of the FBI and the Department of Defense, […]

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Managing Cybersecurity in Cloud Computing

Cybersecurity, computer network or information security is basically the protection of computer networks and systems from the intentional damage or theft of their electronic information, hardware, software or even their physical merchandise. Computer security specialists to monitor, diagnose and mitigate the risks posed by network vulnerabilities, and help businesses and organizations safeguard their most valuable […]

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The Future of Blockchain Technology as We See It in March 2018

The world is gradually accepting blockchain technology and we are positive about its effect on our industries and daily life. Here are some possibilities for the future of blockchain as we see in March 2018. Eliminating third parties Blockchain technology has the capability to initiate trust in transactions which eliminates the requirement of a credible […]

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