Essential Software

Tech Nerds use their system to higher limits and should know about a few software which can smoothen their undertakings. Thus, we have come up with some critical software you must get a hold on as soon as possible.

NewOCR and FreeOCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Majority of people get irritated while converting a PDF file into a Word document. More than often the online converters don’t decipher the whole file or lose the images and graphics in the process. Retyping is not a solution, and cut paste takes more than necessary effort.

The situation can be rescued by FreeOCR and NewOCR sites and downloadable software where you can upload PDFs, JPGs, JPEGs and all formats of image files to convert them into data that can be further edited.

Almost all the results are perfect, and NewOCR also works to save the page layouts to ensure that the images, tables, captions, and headers do not lose their original position. Moreover, these sites can work on numerous languages which escape the many steps needed to convert documents in languages other than English.


There is no sense in struggling with a file that won’t open. One of the best free software to solve the issue is File Viewer for Mac or Free Opener for Windows. It allows the user to open various types of files without opening different software or buying a new program altogether.

You have to visit the site, upload the file of your choice, choose the conversion file and click the button. In only a few minutes you will have the file format you need.  You can also convert file through emails via [format]@zamar.com.


Most of us get overwhelmed by the number of usernames, passwords, and emails to remember. Fortunately, Digsby can easily combine all the email, IM, social network accounts, etc. in a single place. It also comes with better organized and customizable outlets compared to another service provider.  Moreover, the software rarely crashes or other issues.

However, it has problems with interfacing with Facebook as it does not allow the user to take control of the chat rooms. Again, you might also face difficulty in conversing with the same person with two different Ids. Apart from these small issues, Digsby is perfect for people using numerous social networks.


All of us know the importance of uTorrent as it has been the go-to software for every media file we might have eyes on. It not only downloads huge files but also does it faster compared to other applications.  

Again, the file is very light on your system making the uploads and downloads quicker. Plus, it also has little to no effect on other programs you might be running. Those who believe in multitasking should always have uTorrent in their system.


This is the perfect software for the book lovers of our community. It allows the user to convert eBooks into various formats while developing a library on your system according to the books of your choice. Moreover, you can also share books with others even if their device is deferent than yours.

The conversion rate is also high as people have converted their multiple book series under five minutes.  Again, you will also get lots of benefits even if your books are stored on various platforms like Amazon or Google Books. You can also download books from the free to read the section which is universally compatible with all the devices.

Malwarebytes and/or Spybot: Search and Destroy

Both of the anti-virus software is more than enough to secure your system. They can find out and remove infections used to mine data and which can slow down the computer. We recommend you download both the software and compare their performance to choose the best as per your requirements.

You must know that cyber attackers are infusing malware in systems more than ever. It is necessary to have protection much advanced than what average users are comfortable with. Our continuous journey in the world of the internet makes us susceptible to many dangers which can destroy our entire systems.   

These are some of the necessary software every nerd must have. They will save your system from foreign harm and also speed up daily activities which took unnecessary efforts and time.