How to Store CBD Oil and Other Hemp Supplements

Like any oil, CBD oils should be stored properly in a fully ventilated area. The CBD oil products have a label that indicates how the supplements and the CBD oil should be stored. These storage areas include; keeping them away from heat, storing them in a cool and dry place, and airtight containers.

CBD and other hemp components are stored well, and their freshness is maintained to last longer. They can either be put in a fridge so that the effects cannot be lost, or they can be placed in an area that can preserve them for long. CBD products are costly, and the best way to save money and avoid buying other products is to ensure they are properly stored. When placed in great conditions, you are guaranteed to enjoy the life span of CBD oil and the other hemp compounds.

Ways of Storing CBD Oil and Hemp Compounds

Cool and Dry Place

Pavlovic et al. (2019) recommended that CBD oil be kept in a cool and dry place to maintain its quality. This gives out CBD that is of the best quality. No Cap Hemp Co Delta 10 THC products can stay in heat and moisture when stored in a cool and dry place, ensuring its components are not lost. For this to happen, the CBD oil should be kept away from anything that gives out heat and moisture as it may make the CBD oil have negative reactions. Such things that one should put the CBD oils away from including; air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and refrigerators. However, there are instances when CBD oil and hemp supplements can be stored in the fridge. Such incidents include when the temperatures are very hot. This will make them fresh and long-lasting.

Keep Them Away From Excess Light

Light is one of the main factors affecting the quality and freshness of hemp and CBD supplements. The best way is to keep them away from the lights so they can be in their greatest form. Clarke & Merlin (2016) explained that CBD oil and other hemp compounds could decompose, especially when exposed to too much light. This is one of the reasons why they are always found in opaque bottles. This ensures that this bottle’s contents do not get light. They should also be kept away from the windows so the sun’s harmful rays cannot reach them.

Place Them in Airtight Containers

Roebuck et al. (2022) suggested that CBD oil should always be kept in airtight containers. This is because they can mix with the air and may oxidize the entire contents inside it through the oxygen found in the air. Airtight containers ensure that no oxygen will find its way into the container, so they do not mix. Most of the time, it is recommended that when using the CBD Gummy Bears and the hemp components, you use it quickly and make sure that the lid is closed tightly so that the air cannot get into the container. Too much exposure to air may make the CBD oil ineffective. The best thing would be to have them in their original container and ensure they are sealed properly even after use.

Factors to Consider When Storing CBD Oil

When storing CBD oil, several factors are likely to affect the nature of the oil. It is best to keep them away from it as it may alter their effects on the body. Some of the factors include;


High temperatures are not preferred as they may affect the cannabinoids and turn them into worthless products. It may also interfere with the hemp components.


According to Gallily et al. (2015), most CBD oils are sensitive to excess light rays. The same applies to the hemp components. When exposed to a lot of light, they may interfere with its properties and may not be effective in their benefits. They may end up losing the acclaimed properties that they have.


When a chemical combines with water, they are likely to react and break down. The same applies to when the CBD oil reacts with water. CBD oil and the hemp products will react with the water and may be at risk of losing their effects as they will be diluted.


When CBD oil interacts with air, oxygen may interact with it and may interfere with the benefits that CBD oil offers.

Reasons for Storing CBD Oil and Hemp Products Properly

  • Preserve the effectiveness of hemp components and CBD oil
  • Make the Cannabidiol and hemp compounds last longer as they have a lifespan of 2 years, but only if the storage conditions are maintained.
  • Avoid mature expiration
  • Enjoy the original flavor and taste in CBD oil and other hemp products before they go bad.
  • Ensure that the freshness of the CBD oil is maintained so that they may not have the unpleasant smell that is brought about by expired CBD products

Can CBD Oil And Hemp Compounds Expire?

CBD products have a shelf life meaning that they can expire. This is why products often come with an expiry date on their packaging. When you are buying online, maybe from a site similar to wccannabis, you will likely find the expiry date mentioned in the description of a particular product. The expiry date indicates an approximate date from when the product will start to ruin. However, to maintain the efficiency of CBD products, regardless of their expiry date, they need to be stored properly. There are times when the CBD product may have expired prematurely. Nevertheless, there are some signs that can reflect the same; some of them include:

  • Unpleasant smell
  • It may change itself to a darker color
  • Not effective as the previous ones

There are no side effects of using the expired CBD oil, but there is no use in having them as the effects will not be felt or not be strong as when in their original form.


Just like all the other products, CBD oil and hemp products need to be stored properly so that their freshness and effectiveness can be preserved. They should be kept away from heat, moisture, and even air. This is because these are the main factors that help determine whether the CBD oil is fresh or if it may need to be thrown away if it has expired. There are times when refrigeration has been discouraged. However, for those that live in warm areas, the best way to store the CBD oil and hemp components will be through refrigeration.


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