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Web technology is the heart of any web design. Without a well-designed website, your potential customers or clients will not find you. The design of your website will determine whether you get traffic or not. If you have a poor design then you won’t have many visitors. So to avoid this, you should pay attention to the web technology you choose for your site. You may want to hire Web Design Ferntree Gully services, for example, to see how they can get your website looking for online pgp tools and working in the best way for what you need.

That said, though there are many agencies out there competing for your business, you may have noticed that there is the whole spectrum of good, bad, and dishonest. Therefore, choosing a website design agency could be an overwhelming task. The good news is that knowing what to look for and how to ask questions will make weeding out the two categories (bad and dishonest) surprisingly simple. Moreover, a guide to finding a web developer could also prove to be helpful for you. At the same time, it would be a good idea to gather some knowledge regarding the basics of web technology. This can help you to be prepared with the right kind of questions to ask web design agencies when you hire them.


There are four web technologies that can be used to build a website: ASP, PHP, ColdFusion and JSP. ASP is the most commonly used language. With ASP a web page consists of a few pages, while with JSP and ColdFusion the pages build up one after the other. There is also a small difference between PHP and Cold Fusion although they are both Java Scripting Languages so there really isn’t much difference between them.

The fourth web technology is the web browser. There are several web browsers available such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. When using web technology, you will need to select a web browser that is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Other than a few common browsers mentioned above, you can also get a special Web Browser that is more functional, efficient, intuitive, and safe. By employing such a web option for personal use, you can ensure data safety online and get more precise search results. Basically, this web technology is what makes your site viewable on the internet.

Another thing you will need is a web programmer. A web programmer is a person who writes web technology using different languages. It is important that a programmer has the appropriate skills in the various web technologies that he or she is writing. Experienced programmers use the latest web technology to write their scripts. Most websites are written using HTML, which is a markup language. An HTML programmer will usually know how to use all the web technologies.

The final things you will need to have our web servers and back-end developers. Back end developers are the people who will actually display the content of your website to your visitors. Some examples of back-end developers are web designers, content developers, software development and many more. Web servers will allow you to host your website on the internet. This technology allows you to have a presence on the world wide web without any cost. Most web technologies can be hosted on a free server, but some web technologies such as Java and XML require a server for optimum functionality.

The above list is just a few things needed for web technology. As you can see these are very broad and encompass many different areas of web development technologies. Even if you only need one piece of software, you will still need to find a programmer, designer and a web developer. These can sometimes be done onsite at a web design or programming company but often you will be better off dealing with an internet provider.

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