Four Steps to Start Your Own Mobile Phone Accessory Business

A mobile phone accessory business can be highly competitive and promising. In addition to independent stores, mobile phone franchises selling accessories, kiosks scattered inside many malls, and other public areas. The web is also competitive. It offers several websites and online stores that are enthusiasts of selling mobile phone accessories.

If you can find a location wherein, it has a small competition, or you make a strong online presence that can excel your competitors. You can create a booming small business for mobile phone accessories.

Find the Perfect Location

Location plays a very significant role in a mobile phone accessory industry. If you are a newbie in the business, you can start by renting a kiosk inside a mall or plaza, as this will guarantee you that you are in a high traffic area. Besides, you decrease your initial investment risk by starting your business using a kiosk.

Start decorating your location to attract more customers. You can hang some rustic wall décor, cellphone posters, and more.

Another perfect location to introduce your product is getting a small stall at a flea market wherein your target customers come from different walks of life.

Analyze the Market and Innovate

There are a lot of competitors and well-known and established brands in the accessory market business, including Insignia, Mophie, Lifeproof, OtterBox, and Zagg. Do not get intimidated easily by them because of this healthy amount of competition is another aspect of any successful business. The mobile phone accessories market is so extensive and broad that there is always room for another player who wants to join.

You can try to study their weaknesses as a brand and identify what item is missing on them and try to work it out by looking for a different niche such as cases, power bank, water protection cases, drop protection, Bluetooth device such as speaker or earphones, on-the-road or wireless charging, selfie stick, charging ports and cables, and many more options. From there, introduce a feature or item that isn’t already available on your competitor’s list. 

Comply with All the Legal Requirements

You need to secure a business license for your mobile phone accessory business. Check out all the government agencies in your area where you are planning to operate your business to get this license. For instance, if you are residing in California, you need to register with the California State Board of Equalization.

Take Your Business Online

If you still don’t have the capacity and not yet ready to venture on a physical store, you can launch an e-commerce store for accessory business. You can try some established and popular platforms to set off and introduce your products, such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. You can also set up your store with webpage sites like Shopify to establish your brand and business in the online market.

Regardless, if you want to pick an existing platform and their client basis or put up your own website business, you need to apply online marketing procedures to market your mobile phone business. However, you need to spend your budget wisely. 

You can try to use services such as Facebook Ads, AdWords to target all your prospective buyers who are looking for mobile phone accessories. Alternatively, you can also promote your business, using Instagram and YouTube to advertise and promote your products.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

Jacob is a A highly experienced and creative web developer with seven years’ experience in a variety of exciting projects. A level head and rational approach to problem solving combined with a passion for innovative and fresh ideas has led to a portfolio of impressive website solutions. Having Jacob as one of our many writers gives our audience a great chance to learn new and exciting things.