Interior Designing Tips For Your New Home In Singapore

Living in the gorgeous climate of Singapore in Southeast Asia grants homeowners a unique opportunity for interior design.  If you’re not a native to Singapore, getting to know the culture of the area will help you to better integrate the local vibe in your design.  

Take some time today to get a feeling for what you might want to do inside of your home.  Read through this brief look at a few interior design tips for your new home in Singapore.  

Natural lighting 

Singapore is commonly decorated with all things natural, and the sun’s rays are one of your body’s most basic needs.  Boost happiness in your home by allowing for plenty of natural light to enter your rooms during the day.  

At night, invest in lighting that mimics natural lighting as closely as possible.  Darkness is meant for sleep.  Adding natural light to your life will help you to better regulate your sleeping habits.  

Bright walls and clean lines

Singapore enjoys simplicity.  Choosing colors for your home is simple, as the style calls for light, neutral colors as a foundational palate for design.  Professional painters in Singapore can give your home a facelift in just a day.  

Clean lines and crisp designs are the nature of interior design in this country.  Square furniture styles, inventive storage options, and simplistic flooring choices make for the perfect home environment in Singapore. If you do want to add some detail to your home, a neutral mural wallpaper might be a good idea.

Mirrors are a helpful addition

Mirrors are well known for making a space look larger.  Homes in Singapore are not quite as spacious as what Americans may be used to seeing.  The floorplans are small for the best possible efficiency.  

Sometimes you have to get a little creative with your design to make your space look more inviting.  Long, tall mirrors hung parallel to one another will give you a stylish look and the effect of opening up the room all at the same time.  

Accent with live plants 

One thing Singapore truly understands is being eco-friendly.  You’ll see more green in this country than any of the surrounding areas, and your home’s design could use a few live plants as well.  

Bring life into your home’s design, and add green to your setup in various ways.  Large potted plants, hanging plants, and even decorative hanging vines can work wonders for the look of your new home.  

Declutter your home’s setup

As simplicity in color and lines is the rule, so you should simplify the clutter in your home.  Clean countertops and organized cabinets make for a proper Singapore setup.  Work creative storage designs into the layout of your home, so everything has a place to be stored out of sight. 

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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