Getting the Most out of Google Maps

You probably won’t be looking for a new online casino using a tool such as Google Maps, but if there’s one to be discovered, it can certainly lead you to one.

Useful Google Maps Features:

  • Find real-time local traffic info and get directions from your mobile device
  • Get location information at any given time and see exactly how close you are to the location you want to go
  • Use the distance meter to measure your distance
  • View a map from virtually anywhere and find shortcuts and nearby businesses
  • Use Google Maps’ public transportation information to easily get to or from your destination
  • Share your location with friends and family through social media apps
  • Find detailed weather information for your area in real time
  • Use the 3D View to easily spot buildings and landmarks in real time
  • Use the Google Map Preview feature to preview maps before you travel
  • Clip location markers with your mouse to mark your location on the map and easily transfer the position to any other device
  • Find shortcuts and nearby businesses using the map in real time

See icons for different types of businesses – shopping centres, hospitals, banks, gas stations, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc…

From here, you can simply save the location you have entered and pull it up later. Once you’ve got it saved, Google Maps will open the location by default, showing it along with any other maps you’ve got saved in your collection.

Each place you want to see (such as a business you’re visiting, a place you’re heading out of town for, a favourite watering hole or even a first date spot), you’ll tap the map at the bottom of the screen and then use the arrow icons on the bottom left to pin the map. You can even pin multiple places. Tap the map again and the pinning will change to show one location (again, regardless of multiple pins).

How to Pin Maps

Once you’ve saved the map and pinned it to your map, Google Maps will update as soon as you leave the current location. To do so, just tap on the pin on the map and then change the location to your current location (in this case, where you just picked up your phone from). From there, all the places you want to pin will open up and you can simply open the map and see them all laid out there on your map. Once you’ve located the pin, just open it and pull it up on your map. If you do, it will be switched to the location you have marked as your current location.

The pins will show up in the map view regardless of any other pins you have on your map. To change the locations from the map view to the pin view, simply tap on the pin and then select the map from your collection and then it will switch to the pin view.

If you find this tip useful, please share your experiences and stories in the comments.

After you have installed the app, make sure you bookmark your favourite places to save them on your map. I’d love to hear what you’ve found out.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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