How Web Server Mirroring Works

The best casino sites are seemingly always online because if they’re not already doing so, they are going to mirror files or URLs from a central location (like a server). There are quite a few more technical considerations which go into making sure these types of sites are always online and functioning optimally, no matter the capacity in terms of how many users are simultaneously online and using them.

The origin server will need to be able to mirror the files and URLs from the user, so they can be redirected from the user’s browser.

Why Web Server Mirroring is Better Than DNS Mirroring

I’ve done some web server-related DNS mirroring in the past, and here’s why I prefer it.

Why Web Server Mirroring Is Better Than DNS Mirroring

Web Server Mirroring

Spywarebytes typically uses DNS mirroring and its checksum (DNS checksum) as one of their security features, but not the entire page. That’s because you still need DNS security for its web server, and its browser-specific security.

With DNS mirroring, you have to setup your DNS and routing environment with your gateway host and that has to remain up all the time. That means you have to have DNS mirroring in every single browser that will use your web server, and that makes the process very fragile, as you’d need an active proxy to control all traffic from each browser.

Web Server Mirroring

You can directly set up your web server as a proxy. Web servers like nginx or Apache can do that for you, but they don’t do the job as good as a typical web server. They won’t do any kind of security checks for you, but you can still setup your DNS and routing environment so you can do DNS checks in your web server.

When you set up DNS mirroring, all you have to do is configure DNS settings (like DNS server settings or DNS host server settings) on your web server as a normal web server. It’s that simple. The only change you need to make is that your web server needs to be able to mirror its DNS data on another web server. That’s it.

When you set up web server mirroring, you don’t need to update all the websites that you’re hosting with it because it will update automatically with the new locations and images.

Web Server Mirroring Tutorials

I’ve written two tutorials for web server mirroring, one on setting up DNS mirroring and its checksum, and one for setting up the DNS for the web server as a regular web server.

Setting Up DNS Security for Web Server Mirroring

These DNS settings will let you make sure your DNS data is stored on the correct servers and their security checkups won’t go in reverse with the server that’s hosting the files or URLs. All the security checks will go in the right direction.

You can use this DNS setup for any type of web server and it’s different from the normal DNS setup used by Spywarebytes.

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