iPhone X Is the Best Phone till Now- Here Is Why

For many years now, the Apple iPhone has taken the world by storm. One of the most popular models of phones on the planet, it is very likely that most people have had an iPhone at some point over the years. Regardless of whether you started at the iPhone 4 and have had every model since, or if you started with the iPhone X, there are many models to choose from. With the many models come the need for a reputable iPhone Repair service that can help to fix any problem that your phone may run into. From screen repair to button repair, some people use these services when they want to prolong the life of their iPhone, which has become much more likely since the release of the iPhone X.

iPhone X has always been a matter of discussion and many times people have tried to harm its image. It is time that we face the reality and accept “X” as the best smartphone till date. And that’s without considering it could be jailbroken using the checkrain jailbreak tool, which would clearly make it even better. Here are the reasons why.

It has the best display

You might be shocked to know that Samsung produces the OLED panel for Apple’s flagship iPhone X. It has a 5.8 all screen OLED multi touch HDR display with a resolution of 2436×1125 pixel at 458 ppi. The colours not only look vibrant but are accurate and brighter than all competitor phones in the market. It has a wider angle for display with the popular 3D touch and supports multiple languages and characters simultaneously.

Best camera in the world

iPhone X has a 12-megapixel wide angle and telephoto camera that delivers stunning photos every time. The dual cameras at the back are more efficient in clicking pictures in their true colour that pushes the bar real high. The camera comes with dual optical image stabilization and a six-element lens. You can record 4K quality videos at 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps with slow motion videos with 1080p at 120 fps and 240 fps.

First face ID

Apple became the pioneer of fingerprint IDs and it has come up with the first face ID security system. Fingerprint ID had its own shortcomings as in case of finger being sweaty or soiled. The TrueDepth camera allows you to just look and unlock the phone. You can only unlock the phone with open eyes so nobody can misuse the technology if you are asleep. Other companies will have a tough time getting over fingerprints to a technology that requires machine learning technique.

It’s really fast

Having all the above features does take a toll on iPhone X but it still outperforms our expectations. iOS 11 has made iPhone X more powerful and faster than its predecessors. If we compare their processing speed depending on their features than “X” outperforms all Android smartphones. Even after the launch of Snapdragon 845, “X” will be in a comfortable lead.

Quality control

Apple has been very strict with the quality of iPhone X. When it was launched, “X” had a tendency to shut down in cold weather. Apple came out with a bug fix that treated the problem and muted its critics. Since then “X” has not met with any question about its built quality or its performance.

On the other hand, rival phone Pixel got corrupted with bugs every week after its release date. When a prominent company like Apple launches a product, it prepares itself to meet harsh judgment but “X” has saved it till now. Though iOS 11 did meet with some security issues yet new updates have fairly solved the problems.

When a phone of the magnitude of “X” enters the market, it is destined to undergo strong scrutiny at all levels of judgement. We hope that Apple comes with a phone that meets the standards of “X” this fall.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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