Most Popular YouTube Videos In 2018 That You Need to Watch Now

YouTube has always been a host of viral videos and this year is no different.

However, there are number of other portals popping up today that enable video sharing and promoting. Communities such as newsflare are enabling video content creators to share their videos, find the right buyers and/or audience, and generally allow for good content to go viral. These platforms are definitely taking video content creation to the next level! That being said, YouTube still remains as one of the most popular video platforms to date.

Check out the most popular videos for the year 2018 till now.

Learn your bucket colours – 95 million views

It’s a viral video that teaches colours and is gaining more views than anybody ever imagined. The video involves some kids that are dancing inside colourful buckets wearing masks. After dancing they flee into the woods which remind us of the inaugural season of Channel Zero. The video can be a bit irritating for the adults but it is gaining tremendous attraction for unknown reasons.

Animals at fun – 84 million views

It is obvious to expect a video related to football from a channel named “Football is Life” but things are not always what they seem to be. The channel is focused on providing edutainment to little kids in a fun and visually appealing way. The video involves kids running from wild gorillas, dinosaurs playing in a garden, monkeys dancing with bananas etc. Parents can trust this channel to provide some basic information to their kids while enhancing their creativity.

Commercial of Turkish Airlines – 85 million views

In this video Dr. Oz talks about the 5 senses of humans and the miracles inside our bodies. The commercial has high production standards and alluring footage of different locations. Dr. Oz informs that our eye can see 10 million shades of colour and stand temperatures to 60 degrees centigrade. The video asks us to explore the world to experience these extraordinary capabilities. The commercial ends with the tagline “widen your world”.

Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Video- 61 million

The internet is a strange place and fans can do anything to get a glimpse of celebrity lifestyle. We are not being judgemental but when Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy video came out it broke the internet. Kylie and rapper Travis Scott were already making news with the birth of their baby girl “Stormi”. The video is a note to their daughter that describes every detail of her parent’s relationship and her arrival to the world. This video might inspire couples waiting for their child’s birth.

H&R Block’s Rome Commercial – 54 million views

The 16 second video is an advertisement of H&R, an e-tax filing website. It involves Jon Hamm who breaks his character and announces H&R policy to the people in set of a shoot. There is nothing very astonishing about this video getting millions of views as it is based on paying income taxes.

Logan Paul’s Apology -51 million views

Logan Paul who became popular due to his vines came under public scrutiny when he uploaded a video in which he was making fun of a dead body. The incident happened in Japan’s Aokigahara also known as “Suicide forest”. Logan and his crew stumbled upon a dead body and made many inappropriate jokes. He met with unforeseen harsh comments and had to upload another video apologizing for the event.

We still have 9 months left in the year and there are many more viral videos waiting for us.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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