Retro Gaming History

Retro gaming, also called classic gaming and dating back to the early 80s, is the collecting and playing of old computer, console, and video games, often in modern day. The retro gaming market is vast and includes video game systems, arcade machines, home computers, television sets, game racks, and collectible card games. Generally, retro gaming is centered upon discontinued or obsolete systems. There are many websites on the internet devoted to retro gaming. Some retro games may be played on classic arcade machines; others may be found in game cabinets or on DVD players.

As with any other niche market, there are many purists who argue that there is no room for nostalgia in the gaming industry or in modern society. They believe that gaming machines and video games are a thing of the past, destined to be forgotten and replaced by the technology of the future. These individuals often decry the collecting and playing of retro games and agree that their sentiments are not simplyifiable to anyone else. On the other hand, gaming enthusiasts feel that their hobby is a worthy pursuit of nostalgia. Their point of view is that those who wish to enjoy the past should be able to do so without infringing on the rights of the future. Retro gaming is an enjoyment and a past-time just like any other type of gaming.

It is believed that the first gaming system, the Atari, took up the retro gaming idea when it launched the Atari system in the late 1970’s. The Atari’s success was built on its simple, inexpensive, but addictive game cartridges which, when played, generated a “rain” of virtual rainbow colors. Gradually, the video game industry grew to include more complex game systems, such as the IBM-PC, the videogame personal computer (VPC), and the Game Cube.

Today, there are countless retro videogames available for purchase, either as cassettes, cartridges, discs, or through interactive means such as the Internet. You can simply visit a website like Gamestalgia or another like it and find plenty of old-school games to play or download for free. There are even online websites where individuals trade retro gaming consoles and titles for cash. These websites compile lists of all known retro gaming consoles and provide summaries of those in circulation as well as price ranges. For collectors, this is a valuable asset as they can quickly and easily find a match for a lost game cartridge or find the rarest game on the market today.

Individuals interested in this growing hobby must remember that gaming does not necessarily denote the retro style. Modern gamers tend to lean toward action, adventure, or sports for their preferred retro style. Individuals may opt to buy complete retro packages, which include all of the retro games in a package, along with plenty of accessories. In this case, the buyer is paying for the packaged contents as well as the console itself. Individuals may choose to buy older, hard-to-find games at reduced prices in order to get as many pieces as possible for their collection.

With the resurgence of this classic hobby, many individuals are discovering the treasures of the past, such as the Atari, Nintendo, ZX spectrum, and other old-school hardware. It should be no surprise to any gaming enthusiast that there are a number of retro gaming console systems still being sold off in stores. These systems were once considered collector’s items but are now a sought after collectible. When purchasing these old videogame systems, it is important to remember that original games are highly prized in the industry. This is due to the fact that they provide gamers with a sense of nostalgia and give them the joy of playing video games from decades ago.

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