Thinking of getting into Tech?

Tech 101 is a basic entry-level college course that teach those who have recently been involved in the legal system to develop the essential skills, and the confidence, that they will need to compete in the modern job marketplace and pursue higher education later on. The first section of the class covers basic information about the technology. A wide variety of different topics are covered, including how to use the word processor, the Internet, electronic mailing, instant messaging, and digital photography. Other sections of the class cover information about digital forensics, computer security, software engineering, Internet scams, and much more. The second section of the class teaches students about business practices that are related to technology.

Included in the curriculum are business law, corporate law, intellectual property law, government policy, and business communications. Students will learn about how to write a business plan, hire a lawyer, and even obtain a patent. The coursework is designed to give students hands on experience with these important matters and prepare them to enter the business world.

As technology advances, new opportunities for employment become available. Those with knowledge of the various facets of the tech industry are in the best position to find lucrative positions. Jobs in the tech industry include software developers, designers, engineers, marketers, administrators, and others. A great number of jobs exist because of the growing number of tech companies and the need for trained professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “tech occupations are expected to grow at a faster rate than the average for the next eight years.”

Those considering a career in the tech industry should familiarize themselves with current terminology. A quick internet search will yield pages of definitions, terms, and explanations. This is a good time for students to learn about keywords, abbreviations, and acronyms. It is also a good time to learn about business terms such as customer relationships, networking, and sales. After gaining an understanding of these concepts, students can start making connections that will help them in the future. For instance, knowing that a keyword like “web developer” means much more than just constructing websites.

Students in the information technology field who choose to go on to college should be sure to select an area of study that will prepare them with an increased interest in the field. Some areas of study include information technology management, internet marketing, computer science, computer engineering, information technology security, engineering, and computer science. All of these subjects offer a strong foundation in technology and a vast number of job titles within these fields.

Businesses depend on technology to increase their productivity and reduce their expenses. The information technology field provides students with a solid background in technology and business that will make them attractive applicants for employment. With over 13 million people employed in the industry, there is no shortage of demand for qualified individuals to fill job roles. For students who show an interest in these fields, they will soon find themselves in an exciting career that has a bright future.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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