Smart Home Predictions For 2018 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Smart homes are now a reality and smart technology is getting better each day. It’s often hard to see how this will affect us but we’ve done our best. Here are some of the possible changes smart homes will bring to society in 2018.

Privacy Concerns

People residing in a smart home will often unwittingly be sharing their information on a digital platform that can be hacked one way or the other. The digital footprint we leave behind can be accessed by a hacker and our personal data can be manipulated for illegal activities. It would be a shame if someday a person hacks your social security number in spite of the sophisticated technology we use. However these concerns are being highlighted daily by concerned consumers and consumer action groups. If more pressure is put on smart companies to invest in network security then these privacy concerns will be a thing of the past.

AI getting more jobs

Until now AI has been used as a mode of entertainment but 2018 can see its application in smart homes to a greater extent. AI can be applied to many new aspects like security and video monitoring. On a given day it can act as an entertainment source and used as a safety measure on the other. It can revolutionize the way we live in smart homes and can give life to many niche-based industries.

Self-scrutinising appliances

We will hit a point of technological advancement where your home will be able to sense the condition of every appliance being used. A time will come when your home will notify your service personnel as soon as it senses any problem in your home like a flickering light bulb.

For example, your interior heating system is about to break down. A notification will be sent to local service providers to come and issue a furnace repair and solve the problem before any massive damage occurs. It will eventually save you from hefty repair and installing charges to a great extent.

Energy saving homes

It is a fact that almost 15 percent of energy is wasted while it gets transferred from a power plant to your home. Some of that is from having a poor wiring setup at home. As demand for smart devices calls for the likes of a recommended electrician in Denver to upgrade a home’s electrical grid, this often helps to create a more efficient grid. This trend could help homes prevent energy loss.

And that’s not all; imagine a device that would be able to eliminate energy wastage and save a lot of electrical power. Such devices are apparently in development, and if all the homes in America have them, then we will be saving a lot of resources and decreasing energy wastage. Additionally, you can also check all your home appliances for their energy efficiency and replace your old gadgets with a new one that may come with energy-saving capability. For instance, a 15-year-old furnace can have a loss of efficiency and may cost you higher electricity bills. In such a situation, you can contact an HVAC service (similar to brookshvac.com/furnace-replacement-in-manassas-virginia/) to get a quote on furnace replacement.

Demand of smart technology outside the home

When more and more people will get comfortable with living in a smart home they would demand smart roads, smart buildings, and smart malls immediately. The technology will become cheaper and more accessible in the near future which will let people enjoy the convenience of living in smart surroundings. They will eventually need a technologically advanced environment which will bring up the concept of a smart world.

Better voice-controlled devices

Chatbots are a mainstay in smart home technology and we will be witnessing better devices that will be able to capture different languages, dialects, and accents without asking the user to pardon the command.

The future of smart homes looks bright and it seems that we will have to get accompanied to a new and better lifestyle pretty soon.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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