Most Popular Memes of 2017 That You Need to See

Last year was full of hilarious and memorable memes. They went viral all over the internet and everyone enjoyed a hearty laugh. Let’s pay them homage and laugh again.

Salt Bae

Turkish chef Nusret Gokce became the top meme of the year. Everyone on the internet has seen this meme at least once. In fact, it was the first viral meme of 2017 where he was seen sprinkling salt in an unorthodox manner. He never knew his little effort would turn him into an Instagram celebrity in a matter of days. He captured the opportunity to get more popular as he uploaded many videos showcasing his masterful style of cutting meat and sprinkling salt.

Mocking Sponge Bob

It would not be wrong to credit Sponge Bob for creating the art of meme making. It has been the centre of many memes but mocking Sponge Bob specifically made heads turn last year. The meme was very versatile and was used to mock just everything under the sun. As Sponge Bob is coming to the end of its legendry journey this month we wish it the best for further developing the meme world.

Cash me Ousside!

It is the perfect example of memes making someone a celebrity. Danielle Bregoli, also known as Bhad Bhabie, is now a rapper after she quoted the famous line “Cash me Ousside howbow dah” in Dr. Phil’s show. Initially it felt like we are making fun of just another girl but the world had no idea that she would be getting rich instead. Most probably, this meme will be in hall of fame for creating a diehard legacy.  Just watch her on YouTube and you would understand the power of memes.

Roll safe

Sometimes there are memes that make us question reality and that’s what the Kayode Ewumi still from ‘Hood Documentary’ did. The still went viral on Twitter and made its way to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. The meme usually has contradictory sentence that make sense if you want them to. All in all, it is very interesting, universal and thought provoking.

White guy blinking

It is the foremost reaction one would give over stupidity or due to irritation. Drew Scanlon was blessed with the meme of blinking eyes that has been stated as the most relatable meme on internet. It is also one of the most used GIFs of 2017 for obvious reasons. The internet is full of idiotic and senseless information and Drew Scanlon’s reaction always comes handy. You can literally use this meme to respond to every post, comments and other memes.

Distracted Boyfriend

The stock photo by Antonio Guilleum never met with fame until someone used it as a super funny meme. It involves a couple in a street and the man looking at another woman. No matter how many times the meme gets used, it always makes sense. Imagine Donald Trump stalking twitter while walking with the notion of a respectable president- that actually happened in this meme.

Some honourable mentions- Drakeposting, The Fllor is, Living in 3017 and Beyonce ordering food.

As a matter of fact, memes have a very short life and they will be forgotten with time. But, for now we are very happy with meme community for making our lives a bit less boring.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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