Alexa Stands for Change and It Is Coming to Your Homes

Alexa is being touted as the smartest personal assistant available on the market. Everyone who has used Alexa knows that she is smart, capable and even humorous. Amazon’s jump into this market has changed the game completely, even forcing Apple to come with a home pod with Siri as the assistant. It has even been introduced on Amazon Prime Music which could further enhance its market penetration.

Here are a few things you should know about Alexa.

It’s a mass product

Amazon was smart enough to make Alexa user friendly and cheap instead of making it a luxury only a few can afford. The very idea of making a product that can enhance our lifestyle created the pathway for a mass friendly gadget. Alexa has been designed to develop skills over time with the motive of being practical and entertaining.  Just “wake up” Alexa and it will do pretty much anything you want it to. You just have to speak to control this “all in one” product.

It’s not limited to Amazon

Currently Alexa is working through Dot and Echo but we will soon be seeing the application in various other products. It is being reported that many top automobiles companies are working to integrate Alexa in their vehicles. You could finally be able to command Alexa to warm up your car’s engine in a freezing cold morning.

Smartphone and laptop maker Lenovo has been vocal about using Alexa in its smartphones to have an advantage over its competitors. Amazon has allowed developers to install Alexa in whatever product they wish to, which will only increase its use on a global level.

Search becomes really easy

We already have reached a point in technology where search engines have become capable in assisting us without much human effort. But, as there is always room for betterment, Alexa comes as a solution. Statista estimates that Alexa would be assisting 200 billion searches per month by the year 2020. It is quite possible that Alexa would be tapping on the paid search space which has been monopolised by Google since forever.

It makes life easier

The best part of Alexa is that it does not require special assistance or knowledge of specific codes to work. It stands true to its core as it is voice controlled. Alexa is here to empower the concept of the “internet of things” and it will eliminate the confusion of downloading various apps to control things around us. Life could be as simple as asking Alexa to change the lighting of the room. It’s the best personal assistant we have today.

It’s already a hit

Every tech company knows the importance of voice command applications and is trying its best to develop one itself. Alexa has an advantage of being an Amazon product as the parent company holds 40 percent of the global e-commerce business. The assistant can help users buy products quickly from Amazon and integrate seamlessly with other native services.

Virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri have become the latest craze in the market and they are becoming a hit among customers as well. It will be interesting to note how IoT makes our lives simpler and easier with time.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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