New Tech Trends In 2018 That You Can’t Miss Out

Don’t we all love technology? Whether it is a smartphone or a smartwatch, we love the nuances that tech brings into our world.

Today, it’s time to predict some of the more reasonable technologies and their implication in 2018.

AI becomes more universal

We already have top class AI technology at our disposal that can be created in matter of hours on a personal computer. In 2018 we will witness AI becoming more common than it has ever been. The software is bound to get smarter that will be applied in diversified activities to say the least. AI will not only transform international organizations but the lives of commoners as well.

More Chatbots

We will likely see more chatbots than ever and we will possibly be using them for more services. The world has seen the power of Amazon’s Alexa and we will further come in contact with more chatbots in the coming year. It won’t be wrong to say that chatbots are a very important part of future advancements which is already altering our present. In fact, chatbots are the beginning of intelligent virtual assistants.

AR on a new level

AR saw a decent push when Snapchat used it to employ fun face filters on people’s faces. The introduction was a major success which made Apple use AR in iOS 11. It came with ARKit that promised a greater ability to understand surroundings and apply AR into the user’s environment. We are now witnessing more and more apps dedicated to enhancing the AR experience with special devices and high-end graphics. We will be witnessing the next revolution in AR very soon in 2018.

Hardware/Software to include AR/ML

Several companies are coming up with hardware/software that includes the features of machine learning and AR. Apps are being developed that will help us in communicating with machines effectively through the use of chips and APIs. AR would be used for analysing big data, improve security and boost the identity verification process. To help with making sure that big data is kept up to date on the relevant systems, companies will need to make sure they swap over from an SSAS olap engine to a more modern version that suits up-to-date systems.

More cloud usage

Cloud sharing has been used by big companies to manage data more efficiently than ever. More organizations will use cloud-sharing technology to boost their work progress as data handling becomes increasingly difficult, and solutions like the splunk security cloud to help them keep their data as safe as it possibly can be. With all these new systems, companies might struggle to get used to things in the beginning but eventually, they will be able to use the application to its fullest. Of course, ensuring that they also have the relevant protection for their cloud systems (look these up for more information) is important, especially when the cloud is becoming more popular than ever.

Growing cracker attacks

It is highly possible that 2018 will see more targeted and non-targeted cracker attacks. It could be either against an individual or a business as a whole. While organizations can optimize the services provided by companies like Cyral and similar others, individuals have to start learning to protect their own personal data using a strong password, two-factor authentication, and so on. The devices that lack security or those platforms which are technically vulnerable will most probably get targeted by the attackers. The trend does not seem to stop as we are becoming more dependent on technology and cyber terrorism is turning out to be a harsh reality.

Blockchain grows into a monster

Blockchain technology has already taken the world by storm as it has the capability of eliminating the use of middlemen in almost all the businesses. A bankless system can change the financial sector upside down. Eventually we will see almost all businesses hire the blockchain technology to create better customer service and speedy transactions.

These trends will see enormous success in 2018 as things are just starting to grow for blockchain, AI, AR, IoT and chatbots.

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

Jacob is a A highly experienced and creative web developer with seven years’ experience in a variety of exciting projects. A level head and rational approach to problem solving combined with a passion for innovative and fresh ideas has led to a portfolio of impressive website solutions. Having Jacob as one of our many writers gives our audience a great chance to learn new and exciting things.