Future Technologies That Are Happening Now

Our future is filled with great prospects that can provide a new shape to our civilization. However, technologies that we only thought about only a few years ago are now coming to reality and they have started changing the world around us. Check out these amazing future technologies that are happening now.

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars have always been a popular idea among developers and mainstream media. Although we have not been able to efficiently control the technology, yet automobile companies are positive about it in the long run.

There have been many self-driving car crashes which have disappointed businesses but we are still expecting that cars will be practical and safe. If everything goes fine, then self-driving cars will prevent many deaths and injuries. It will not only save time but ease our lives too. Because of these advancements in this area of technology, it has been extended to other vehicles such as trucks with Torc Robotics developing the software needed for these autonomous vehicles.


It may seem like a sci-fi movie plot, but scientists have been vocal about nanobots connecting our brain to the cloud. This advancement will possibly make us ‘limitless’ as we would be able to control virtual reality through our nervous system. Imagine that someday soon, your brain will be able to do everything your smartphone can. We will be able to remember everything by storing it on cloud to solve memory problems and focus on a particular subject of our choice.


AR can be the solution of the age long quest of reincarnation. Yes, it sounds crazy but it can come true if we keep developing the AR functionality. Nanobots will be able to extract memory from the brain of dead people which will be merged with their DNA to create a virtual version of the deceased person.


Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic since its meteoric rise in 2017 with many people still trying to figure it out by searching phrases such as “what is nft utility?”, “How do I pay with crypto?”, “Is this currency going to be how we pay in the future?”, and so on as people are navigating their way through it. It was not a serious business when it started but now it has become one of the most promising ventures for the future.

More and more nations are accepting virtual currencies and it’s a matter of time before it becomes a staple for international transactions. With Bitcoin ATMs and other advancements in this domain, it might not be long before we see this as the new universal currency! Cryptocurrency offers speedy proceedings, that are safe and free of any government taxes and fees, which is one of the reasons many investors are looking into bei kryptoszene. Wait till you see more crypto exchanges than banks in your city.

Space tourism

Do not lose hope if you have been dreaming about space travelling. We are closer than ever to send tourists into space and it can happen before 2050. We will finally be able to give green signal to “the journey of a life time” possibly with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Start staking up money as only the wealthy will be able to afford the very expensive space ride.

Ocean thermal energy

We have always been pushing forward the idea of renewable energy resource and with time running out on fossil fuel, we will have to tap on ocean thermal energy. It can be the biggest energy resource of the future as electricity will be produced through the colossal power of ocean waves. It will be easy to harvest, clean, always available and in abundance.

We have come up with so many ideas to make our future better and productive but the reality can be much stranger than our imagination. Who knows that we could be living with robots as a new species?

Published by: Jacob Stevenson

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